ICF World Championships in Germany

January 26th, 2024

ICF World Championships in Germany

At the end of October JM travelled to Germany to compete for Great Britain in the ICF World Championships. JM was competing in junior bikejor, with his dog, Marshall!

JM faced stiff competition in his class, from the the best athletes from around the World.
42 nations travelled to Germany to compete coming from as far as Mexico, USA and Canada.

🐾Paw-Fectly Fit! 🐾
Before being allowed to compete, six year old Marshall was inspected by vets and passed fit to compete.
JM and Marshall have been working hard, training for months to be in tip-top form for the championships.

The event kicked off on the Friday with an official opening ceremony and parade of competing nations, followed by the serious business of racing on Saturday and Sunday. with the combined fastest time taking the converted World Title.

🚵Not All Smooth Riding! 🚵
A sudden downpour made Saturday’s trail sloppy and slick, but undeterred, JM and Marshall blasted off the starting block!
Everything was looking good their timing splits placing them in second place with a top speed of 25.8mph!
Then on one of the final turns pushing too hard, the back wheel spins out and JM falls.
The impact of crash twists the handlebars and brakes making steering virtually impossible, limping home the pair cross the finish line, but have dropped to 4th place.

After some emergency bike repairs it’s an early night in anticipation of clawing back into the medal zone!

⛈️From Muddy – To Worse! ⛈️
Torrential rain overnight means Sunday’s trail is now a mudfest!
JM and Marshall need to make up 15 seconds to take the bronze position! Another great start and both rider and dog are giving it their best.

They get round safely and without any errors. The time board shows them having the 3rd fastest run of the day, is it enough to give get them on the podium?

🐶Just Pipped at the Post!🐶
Sadly it’s not. They miss out on bronze by 2 seconds!
However they have given a great race and tried their best.

💪Defeated, but Undeterred!💪
JM had an amazing experience and we are very proud of what he has achieved. He handled himself and Marshall with dignity and took defeat in his stride.
Life should hold new adventures and experiences and this is one JM will take with him for the rest of his life.

Fingers crossed he can do it all again next year.

Well done JM – and of course, Marshall!