What is a Residential Children’s Home?

The standard definition of a children’s home is;

“a public institution for the care and protection of children whose parents can no longer care for them.”

So, what makes a Compass home different?

A Compass Children’s Home is exactly that; a home.

A home where our brilliant teams provide substitute parenting for children and young people who experience a range of behavioural and emotional difficulties. A home where we find out how a child would like their bedroom decorated before they arrive. A home where we encourage our children to get involved in activities, a home in which we learn, listen, guide and care.

We don’t subscribe to a single theoretical or therapeutic model, but look instead at each child and their needs. We look at it as if a child or young person may come to us with an empty tool box, and we provide them the tools they will need for everyday life.

We are dedicated to safeguarding and place the safety and security of the children and young people at the centre of all that we do.