Our G.R.A.C.E Group: Explained For Kids

May 30th, 2022

Our G.R.A.C.E Group: Explained For Kids

Explaining the GRACE group to young people and why it's important is something that we routinely do.

GRACE stands for ‘Group and Regional Ambassadors Committed to Equality’. The group was first formed in 2020 and is comprised of people from across the Compass community – including your GRACE Ambassador. Everyone in our homes has a G.R.A.C.E Ambassador, someone you can talk to about advice or if anything has happened that you would like an adult to know about.

The GRACE Group is dedicated to fighting issues of racism, inequality, and diversity. The aim of GRACE is to make sure that members of our community are not being treated unfairly because of their skin colour or background.

GRACE gives advice to Compass on how we can be more inclusive. They want to make Compass a safer, more accepting, and more understanding place for all people – no matter their race, religion, culture, disability, sexuality, background, or life experience.

Part of the work that GRACE does includes speaking out for minority groups who are facing discrimination or unfair treatment. They make sure that these people are listened to and heard and have access to equal opportunities – as is their right.

The GRACE group also provides support for anyone who might need it. This means you can talk to your GRACE Ambassador about any concerns you may have about racism, inequality, or diversity.

Adults can read more about the G.R.A.C.E group and what they do on our page all about it here. You can also find out more about Garfield Meredith our Residential G.R.A.C.E Ambassador.