Committed to Equality: Our Gender Pay Gap Promise

October 3rd, 2022

Committed to Equality: Our Gender Pay Gap Promise

Building a diverse and inclusive workforce is integral to achieving our vision and keeping in line with our ethos and mission goals.

We want to provide our children and young people with outstanding care, equipping them with the tools they need to access better futures. We know that accomplishing this would be impossible without the dedication and hard work of our colleagues.

That’s why, at Compass, we’re committed to ensuring that all our colleagues receive fair treatment that respects and values their individual needs. We want all our colleagues to have equal access to pay, development opportunities and career progression while working with us – regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or religious beliefs.

What is The Gender Pay Gap?

Put simply, the Gender Pay Gap refers to the difference in average earnings between women and men. This is normally reported as a percentage of men’s pay and differs from equal pay – in which women and men receive equal pay for the same, similar, or equivalent work.

Many organisations across the UK are required to report annually on the gender pay gap. At Compass, our community is made up of four smaller companies – covering fostering, education, therapeutic services and residential care.

Of these companies, all, bar one, are not required to report on the gender pay gap. However, at Compass, we believe in being transparent with our colleagues, and have made the decision to report on our gender pay gap anyway.

Compass’ Gender Pay Gap Report

As is the case with the majority of social care organisations, Compass Children’s Homes (and Compass Community as a whole) employs a larger proportion of women than men. Within Compass Children’s Homes, 68.5% of our workforce identify as female, and 31.5% of our workforce identify as male.

In 2022, our mean gender pay gap for Compass Children’s Homes was 2.7%. This means that, on average, men are paid 2.7% more than women across our workforce. This is a reduction from 2021’s figure, which saw our mean gender pay gap at 3.7%.

Meanwhile, across all our services, our mean gender pay gap in 2022 stood at 0%. This means that on average, women and med were paid the same as men across Compass as a whole.

In terms of bonuses, 44% of females received a bonus in 2022, in comparison to 40% of males. This means that the mean pay gap in relation to bonus pay is -11.7%, whilst the median pay gap for bonuses is -20%.

Our Gender Pay Gap Promise

While we recognise that we still have plenty of work to do in reducing our Compass Children’s Homes pay gap from 2.7% to 0%, our community figures stand in marked contrast to the gender pay gap nationally, which was 12.6% in the last published data.

We promise to continue working toward achieving equal pay across all our services. We’re always reviewing and developing our approaches to pay, seeking new ways to recognise and reward the incredible work our community does every day.

We remain committed to reducing our median pay gap across our services, ensuring all our colleagues are paid equally and fairly in return for their work. Our annual benchmarking approach to the gender pay gap ensures that we can remain transparent and be held accountable for our practices, motivating us to continue working toward achieving equal pay for all.

Read our full 2022 Gender Pay Gap report here.