Danny’s Snowdon Challenge 13 for SANDS

January 31st, 2022

Danny’s Snowdon Challenge 13 for SANDS

The SANDS challenge 13 is a big task! Danny is taking it on in an amazing way.
No one can ever prepare you for the loss of a child and it’s not something that is easy to talk about. No doubt we will all know someone who has unfortunately either been directly, or indirectly affected by this tragedy. That’s why one of our Compass family, our very own Daniel Bebbington is putting himself forward to do “Challenge 13” with SANDS. A charity whose mission it is to make sure no one has to go through this unsupported.

The challenge is to do something 13 times within a year. So, Daniel has challenged himself to climb Snowdon 13
times in 1 year to raise money for the cause. But to really push himself he has committed to carrying the weight of
13 babies up Snowden each time to represent the journey through life they missed out on. He is going to take some
rocks up the mountain and place them at the top, honouring their memory.

Please donate to Daniel’s amazing cause here.

If you could donate even just £1 to show your support, it would not only mean the world to him and his family, but to another family, who through your contributions and the charity’s efforts will be supported through a difficult time.

We are offering our support to our staff, and friends and family, that if they have been affected by this and would like to have a decorated stone taken up and a photo taken at the top, please reach out and let us know and we can arrange the child’s memory to be carried on the journey.