All You Need Is Love, Nurture and a Janice!

March 5th, 2024

All You Need Is Love, Nurture and a Janice!

We recently asked Jan, the Manager at PL, to write some words reflecting on her work at Compass.

And what lovely words they are. The children and young people there are lucky to have somebody so committed and so caring, she really does go the extra mile. Whether it’s  home baking, playing in the streams, or feeding the sheep, the boys there are loved and nurtured, in a way only a Janice can!

This is what she had to say:

Compass Children’s Homes are committed to putting children at the forefront of everything we do and strive to ensure the children in our care have all their needs, wishes and feelings met.

We recently had a new arrival at PL, and he wont mind me sharing that his role in life had very much been that of  the “gangster lad”. He was very thin, very unkempt and in a gang. He was regularly involved in fights, theft, and a habitual smoker of cigarettes and cannabis  – all of this compounded by a long absence from education.

He had only the clothes he stood in, so Compass immediately provided the money to for essential new clothing. He would also steal the food within the home, he needed the reassurance that there would always be food for him to eat. Sadly, he shared that “at home you took what was there, whilst it was there, as there may not be anything there for days”.

Time for a change

Having found stability, love and the right care in his new home, he has managed to turn his life around, completely!

He is now a very smart lad with great pride in his appearance, he is enrolled into a Compass school and attends work experience every weekend, which all adds to his self-worth.

When he first arrived at PL, he said it was like “living in paradise” which made me very happy – but sad too.

He has found a love for boxing and joined a local club that he attends once a week. The added layer of discipline and respect is taught there. and there are strict rules against using any form of violence outside of the ring.

A small time on, and he no longer smokes cigarettes or cannabis, he no longer steals, he does not run away, and he does not drink alcohol.

I am enormously proud of this lad and  I am enormously proud of the team and Compass.

Janice Fish, Service Manager