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Learning Disabilities Children’s Home: Caring and Support

We are proud to support our young people with skilled staff and a safe home.

Compass Children’s Homes currently have two homes specialising in looking after children and young people with learning disabilities. These homes are designed with their needs in mind, making sure to create a holistic and homely space for them to flourish.

Many of our young people are autistic, have global development delay, or have intellectual challenges that need a huge amount of support every day. Our fantastic teams in the homes dedicate their skills and knowledge to our young people’s care.

Our homes require the highest quality care and support for up to children with learning disabilities. It is founded on the core values, experience and culture that has made Compass one of the most successful independent children’s care agencies in the country.

A hugely vital purpose of these homes is to ensure that we provide constant, intensive individual attention, stability and support to children who have complex needs requiring a specialised environment and levels of support.

Our new LD home that we call ‘VH’, provides a safe home environment and care for children aged 8 and up all year round. Our first LD home, ‘AH’ provides care for up to three young people. Our specialised teams provide brilliant care for each child, knowing their needs and supporting them to make steps towards life skills.

We know how important it is for our children and young people to feel well looked after, so we always have a high adult to child ratio within the home, with round the clock support.


Our LD homes provide:

  • Support with learning and development, including life skills.
  • Children can expect up to two weeks’ vacation a year away from the home, dependant on their needs.
  • Children will receive weekly pocket money as well as their own toiletries and clothing budget.
  • In-depth observation reports of children’s progress will be provided on a regular basis.
  • Communication and sensory integration support.
  • Access to expert consultation, assessments, and therapy.
  • We work with families to facilitate and maintain regular contact for children.


We also use the Compass ethos of Resilience, Education, Acceptance, Child Centred and Holistic approach to maximise outcomes for our children and young people.

The difference we make

We have a young person with us who has had a difficult start to his life. He is autistic, and he struggles with going outside as this can be very stressful for him. In the past, leaving the house has been a challenge and everyday tasks can take a lot of effort.

At age 15, he had never had a hair cut in a professional space before. Since living in our specialist home, having access to round the clock care and support, he has flourished and gained so much confidence.

About a month ago he felt ready to have his haircut in a professional salon, with his mother and our staff by his side.

This is the exact kind of success that we celebrate, these small steps are what help our young people get to be more independent and confident in the wider world.
If you would like to find out more about changing young people’s lives, take a look at our available roles, we operate all over England and would love to speak to you.