RL is a 3 bedroom Children’s Home, offering residential and educational care where required to children, aged 8 years to 17 years on admission that have a diagnosed learning disability and or a diagnosis of a lifelong condition that affects their ability to learn. The staff team offer an individualised therapeutic approach and are highly skilled.

The staff team have a range of experience and qualifications to meet and support young people within our care.
RL is located in a residential setting where young people would be able to access local leisure amenities as well as having access to good public transport connections for further afield activities

We take pride in the appearance of our homes, and ensure all of them are decorated to a standard that we would be happy for our own families to live in.

Children’s voices are heard and respected, we always ensure they feel empowered to make decisions in the running of the home where appropriate.

We work hard to ensure that children are happy and comfortable in their home, and that it is treated as exactly that, a home, not a unit.